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Whats Our Story ?

Flossy Eyewear is a versatile multi-gender luxury British eyewear brand, offering a wide range of shades with distinct and vintage character. 

The company was founded by young British designer Firdaus Abdallah, who originally hails from the exotic island of Zanzibar in East Africa. 

Seeking to be an inspiration to other young designers and entrepreneurs worldwide,  Firdaus Abdallah has always paid homage to her roots.

Her heritage plays a huge part in her work.  Since being established in spring 2017, Flossy Eyewear has seen rapid growth. A brand that conveys the notion of hard work, dedication and consistency.

Flossy Eyewear believes that eyewear has the power to transform the way you look and feel. The mood of each lens allows one to express themselves in a different way.

Flossy Eyewear's brand ethos is inspired by the concept of the law of attraction. Flossy Eyewear believes that if you can see a vision in your head and can picture it, the end goal will be clear.

A single thought or idea can manifest itself in something great. It’s all about believing in a vision, visualising it, trusting it, and figuring out ways to get there.

Great things can happen if you work towards and stay true to a vision.

Ask and you shall receive. “Hold on to vision; that's all you've got".

- Firdous

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